ACIDE 0.8 Alpha 1.0

ACIDE 0.8 Alpha 1.0


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Date Added:08 February, 2013



This project is aimed to provide a free and cross-platform configurable integrated development environment which can be configured in order to be used with any development system such as interpreters, compilers and database systems.

Features of this system include: project management, multifile editing, syntax colouring, console panel.

End-users who can benefit from this system include: researchers that develop programming systems, developers, and database users. It is implemented in Java in order to be platform independent.

The current release (0.8) adds many new features and fixes bugs w.r.t. 0.7, but it remains to fix many others, remarkably the parsing-on-the-fly.
Release notes: New Release

TE Lexicon and grammar configurations for each file opened in the file editor.
TE Default lexicon configurations for the files opened in the file editor based on their file extension.
TE Display configuration options (font, colors, size, ...).
TE Lexicon configuration als- available for the console panel.
TE Default lexicon configuration for the console panel.
TE Display options for remarks, configurable in the lexicon configuration window.

Tool bar:

Toolbar splitted:
TE Menu options which are not configurable (Open File, Save File).
TE Commands to be issued to the shell in the console panel.
TE Commands that execute external applications (as a pdf reader).
TE Toolbar commands can take a parameter asking user GUI input (text, file, and directory).
TE Toolbar commands can be issued as external applications.
TE New tool bar configuration dialog.
TE Scroll buttons for the tool bar panel to show hidden buttons.
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: code editor   Integrated Development Environment   Java IDE   ide   environment   editor  

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